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Re: [TCML] Copper vs. Aluminum/Steel wire for the secondary coil?


Javatc runs both Al and Cu wire types (a simple selection in the program) if you want to simply take a look at the differences. The obvious outputs to look at are DRC, ACR, and Q. However, regarding how the wire would perform against Cu, well, gotta build it to find out.

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Subject: [TCML] Copper vs. Aluminum/Steel wire for the secondary coil?

If I were to use this on a secondary coil form, how would the numbers crunch differently in terms of inductance, frequency, resistance, self capacitance etc? I know the performance would not likely be as good as copper, as it is not as good of a conductor ...

also I am guessing on it being aluminum, i don't think its steel as it does not react to an fairly strong magnet.

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