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RE: [TCML] sucker gap material

One comment

Stainless Steel is perfectly safe to heat.  I am also into blacksmithing and
knife making and this is the material of choice for the flares on the ends
of burners and routinely reach 1,800 - 2K degrees F.

Galvanized pipe is a different animal. Zinc fumes are very toxic and in a
closed area, can be fatal.



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> I would choose brass fittings over SS for a variety of reasons.
> The cost of two brass fittings can't be that great compared 
> the rest of your coil, even if SS is free.  Machining SS is a 
> lot tougher than brass.  I think I recall hearing that if SS 
> is heated, it may emit toxic fumes, but can't confirm this.

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