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RE: [TCML] Flat Spiral Primary

Hello Ken,

The only 'better' way of doing what you are speaking of (that I know of) is making the primary former in such a manner that the 1/4" tube will snap into the drilled areas, by way of cutting notches down to where the drilled holes are.

The notches are to be slightly smaller diameter than the tube, so that the tube can't get back out of the notch/hole assembly on its own accord. The tube can then be pushed into the form from one end of the roll to the other, inside of the former to outside, and the excess cut off.

The former (when using this method) cannot be acrylic (or plexiglass), since they are far too rigid and fragile to shove something into them which is larger than they're tapped for.

Best wishes,

 - Christopher Karr

> From: kkociolek8577@xxxxxxxxxx
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> Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 17:04:35 -0500
> Subject: [TCML] Flat Spiral Primary
> Hello,
> Been working on my TC for a few months now. I made primary supports for the
> ¼” copper tubing out of strips of 1” x ½” wood. Drilled 3/8” holes and glued
> the supports down to a wood base in a symmetrical manner. Now I have to
> “thread” the tubing into this circular support. Is this going to be a
> headache? Will the tubing get stuck after a few turns in? Was there a better
> way to do this? I appreciate to hear comments from anyone who has been down
> this road before. Thanks.
> Ken
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