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RE: [TCML] Flat Spiral Primary


First, wood is not a very good choice for your primary support.  It is not a
very good insulator for high voltages.  You would be much better using a
plastic, such as strips cut from a kitchen cutting board.

Second, threading the tubing is a horrible and frustrating way to do it.
You are much better cutting off the tops of the support holes so that you
can push or snap the tubing into the holes.  Each hole will look like the
letter C with the opening pointed up.  That might be tough if you have
already glued down your strips, but perhaps you can cut 1/4" or "15/64" wide
slots down into your existing holes.

Steve Y.

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Been working on my TC for a few months now. I made primary supports for the
¼? copper tubing out of strips of 1? x ½? wood. Drilled 3/8? holes and glued
the supports down to a wood base in a symmetrical manner. Now I have to
?thread? the tubing into this circular support. Is this going to be a
headache? Will the tubing get stuck after a few turns in? Was there a better
way to do this? I appreciate to hear comments from anyone who has been down
this road before. Thanks.



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