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RE: working with tubing....Re: [TCML] Flat Spiral Primary

Gentlemen ,IMO if you start with a new roll of copper tubing , remove it
from the box and lay it on top of your supports. Snap the inner end of the
roll into the inner part of your primary it is very easy to form the spiral
as you unroll the tube. You never have to totally unwind the coil you just
spread it a little as you go. New copper is very easy to work with, used or
formed copper needs to be annealed. A quick heating with a propane torch
will anneal it.
I needed a small coil,  1" dia 3/16 tubing, over the weekend for the cathode
input of a 813 tube. I used 3/16 from a hobby shop because I only needed 3
ft. It had to be annealed but then rolled very easy. 

Rich , KDØZZ

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