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Re: working with tubing....Re: [TCML] Flat Spiral Primary

RE: The Enviro-Weenie affair;
I am absolutely positive that Dave and Paul were kidding, as was I.
Hence the happy funny little winking smiley face at the end.
Just a bit of jocularity amongst friends.
There was never any personal attack and there was never any political
agenda, whatsoever.
;  ) – see? Happy-smiley!
We are all friends here and nobody has anything to apologize for so
lets end it at that.
In regards to the kinking concern;
I made my first primary coil by feeding 50 feet of 3/8 copper tubing
through 13 turns of drilled high density polyethylene (HDPE – cutting
board material).
Kinking was never an issue at all as the tubing pretty much comes in
the shape you want.
No need to bend it, only to expand it a little while youre working.
I drilled the holes to 7/16 and kept the whole thing wet with Windex
to reduce friction.
Starting from the inner turns working it outward, the tubing was held
stationary while the stanchions were slid around the tubing.
I messed up the geometry the first time around so I had to pull it all
out and start all over again.
It was a tedious and stressful undertaking and I will likely never
make another attempt.
I do have to say though, it looks very good and results in a very
solid component if you can pull it off.
For my future coils I will save myself the stress and just cut notches.
With notched stanchions, kinking shouldnt be a concern at all.
Unless its the tightest inner turns of the roll you are worried about.
You can cut off real tight bends in the center of the roll in order to
start laying it down in its natural shape.
That is only of corse if there will be enough tubing left to get the job done.
Good luck!

And for F's sake people, smile. Lifes too freakin short to not be able
to laugh at it.
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