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Re: [TCML] Need Help Troubleshooting My First TC

Wm A Tickhill wrote:
I Am A Dedicated Gadgeteer With Several Projects Under My Belt ( Tebuchet -
Babington Burner - Sundry Gadgets ) Yet I Am New To The High
Voltage Hobby/Obsession. After Building A Jacobs Ladder, And A Plasma Globe,
I Began My First Classic TC.

The Basic Specs

15/20 NST  With Safety Gap

.375 Copper Electrode Adjustable Spark G

.005uF Wound Poly/Foil In 4" PVC Tank Cap

Primary Coil  12.5 Turns Of .25" Tubing With .5" Spacing Between

Secondary Coil  3.5" Diameter 18" Height With #26

Top Load  5" X 12" Toroid ( dryer duct/foil tape )

MY PROBLEM >  When I Power My NST And Spark Gap Alone, It Works Well - Draws
An Arc .005" To .5"  HOWEVER When I Connect It To The Primary Coil/ Tank Cap
The Spark Gap WILL NOT FIRE. Out Of Desperation I Swapped Out The NST For An
OBIT I Had, I Got The Same Result. Out Of Greater Desperation I Swapped Out
The Tank Cap With A Grossly Underrated HID Lighting Cap, Still The Same
Result. No Matter What I Do, If I Connect The Primary Coil/ Tank Cap, The
Spark Gap Will Not Fire.


The HID lighting cap is probably not particularly useful.

What's the wiring diagram for your primary? Is the spark gap across the NST and the primary coil and C in series? or do you have the C across the NST, with the spark gap and primary in series?
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