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[TCML] Source for copper hardware

I've been trying to eliminate hot spots in the primary circuit of a relatively high current (~3000 amp) drsstc by replacing high resistance connection points with copper. Even a one-inch length of 3/8-inch brass bolt can generate enough heat to melt the solder right out of a terminal lug. Which raise another interesting point, what about solder? It has ten times the resistance of copper so maybe all lugs should be crimped. I only soldered them because I don't own a crimper large enough to deal with #2 welding cable. But I digress. I've not had any success locating a source for copper nuts and bolts, probably because copper isn't strong enough to be consider a fastener, and so have been force to machine my own. I would much rather just plunk down the credit card. Does anybody know of a good source for copper hardware?

Pleasanton, ca

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