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Re: [TCML] Source for copper hardware

I do not know of a distributor for copper fasteners but there is a
different point that I would like to touch on.

Forgive me if this post is out of line or not directly related to the
issue , but Im only chiming in because just last week I had copper on
the brain. (And some lead and mercury, but thats a whole other

I was considering copper rails for my new MMC so I was recently doing
some research in the archives here when I came across this post signed
by Terry (Fritz I assume???);

“”””RE: RF conductor materials
Aluminum and copper are not used in high-power high-Q RF circuits due to the
problem of oxidation.  Bare aluminum and copper almost instantly begin to
oxidize in air.  Over time this layer can become very thick.  Aluminum oxide
is an excellent insulator and is used as such in the common form of alumina.
Copper oxide easily forms with similar results.  Since RF currents travel on
the outside surface of conductors, this can have a very significant effect
over time as the oxide layer builds up.  Aluminum house wiring used years
ago keeps fire departments busy today :-((
Brass - does not oxidize badly and is a good cheap alternative.  Over time
it will give much better performance than copper.  Used extensively in the

If humidity is not an issue where you live then I guess it would not
be a problem.
I decided to go with brass over copper because it can get to be like a
tropical rain forest here in New Jersey.
Perhaps increasing the surface area of your connection points would
reduce the heat issue?

Thank you though for pointing out the resistivity of solder. I didnt
know until I looked it up, silver solder has an IACS rating of about
16. Most other solders are around 10,,,that is a lot lower than I
would have guessed.

Here is an interesting page in reference to the IACS (International
Annealed Copper Standard)

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