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[TCML] Tesla -Fest 2011

Tesla Fest 2011 



The largest gathering of HV enthusiasts in the world!


Labor Day Weekend, Sat.  12:30 to 10:30 PM


E11870 Shady Lane Rd., Baraboo,  WI   53913


Food at 5 PM until it's all gone!


Classic Tesla coils, solid-state "singing" Tesla coils, Wimshurst machines,

C-W voltage multipliers, Van de Graaff, Mr. Lightning Man in action,

Flying midgets, Electrostatic floating "rings" demo, Unlocking the mysteries
of JAVA-TC for Tesla coil design, Van de Graaff Generator design clinic,
Kill the Babe (AKA The Cage of Death), and much, much more!


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