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[TCML] DC coil capacitor size

Hello every one, 

I found a site http://kudlemyer.com/tesla/tc_reactor.html 
Outlining DC tesla coil parameters, its telling me that I should be using a 6.6 nf capacitor for my 3Kva coil I am currently constructing... 
I was shooting for .1uf as that is close to the size I seem to always be using in my coils... 
I see where the site is coming from as they do show equations and such, but I don't put much stock into it, yet... 

So my questions is 
In your (TCML's) experience what size capacitor would you use for a 120:1 3Kva PT powered DC coil? 

Do the DC variety of coils really like a smaller capacitor value when compared to the normal variety of coil? 
Since if so that effectively ends my capacitor head ache I have been having for a couple weeks now. 

Thanks in advance, 
John "Jay" Howson IV 

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