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Re: [TCML] A New Kind of Valve Coil

Sounds like 2011 is the "play-with-the-power-envelope-for-super-swords" year.

Great stuff that Steve and yourself are doing.

It would be interesting to see the spark growth with a streak camera where you can see events down to 1 microsecond resolution.
There is a lot of detail there to be seen with spark gap coils.


----- Original Message ----- From: "Phillip Slawinski" <pslawinski@xxxxxxxxx>

I just wanted to share my project of the past few months with the
list. It's a new type of valve coil. Gone are the microwave oven
transformers, and in their place is a digitally controlled power
supply. This is basically the Valve-based answer to Steve Ward's QCW.
Credit goes to Steve Ward for help with the design of the frequency
modulated SLR power supply.
Overview of the system -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oman-AoXXSo
1000FPS video of spark growth (48" sparks) ->

-Phillip Slawinski

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