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[TCML] multiple parallel coils in series with Tesla coil

Is it at all possible to attach a coil just a simple cylindrical coil
with a couple of turns of wire between the secondary of a tesla coil
and the topload ?

and to make it even more difficult a six of these
in parallel in a cube shape cube approx 20 centimeters in diameter

how many turns can a make at maximum ?
and also how tough do they need to be to withstand the power going through
them ?

and to make it even more complicated with some large metal 50 centimeters
from these coils ( or does this make this make it impossible,
could be skipped in my experiment, but makes the experiment very difficult)

How many turns could you give them ( I know it wont be much turns probably)
and how would this affect the functioning of the coil ?

Let's say that you would take away much of the energy supplied to the tesla
coil from these extra coils,
How tough does the coil need to be than ?

and if I want to tune the coil for max em field especially for making
as much of the em field come from the coils,
how does one accomplish this ?

kind regards

Sietze van de Burgt
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