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[TCML] Attaching the secondary wire to the topload

What methods have you found work best for attaching that top bit of wire from the secondary to whatever topload you happen to have? Torodial, spherical, couple of tin cans welded or aluminum taped together to make a cylinder etc... 
I refer to the actual treatment of the end of the wire, and where on the topload the connection should be made - and how much of the length down the wire do you sand or strip the enamel insulation off, do you remove insulation from just the side that will be touching the secondary or from the whole circumference of the wire, how do you know if you have enough insulation removed so it's down to the copper, what adhesives work best to secure the connection etc.  Differences between a connection where the topload will be removable or where the topload is permanent, all that sort of thing.  This subject is one of the arts of this craft I have yet to master and I know can be likely to improve performance.


Brian Hall   

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