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Re: [TCML] Science Fair Project

On 11/16/12 12:53 PM, pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I don't believe Tesla coils are appropriate for a science fair.
The risks to the public, other school children and the child doing them
are significant.

These days, at least in California, you're not going to be running a TC at the fair itself. You'd be operating it in the controlled and safe (!) environment of your home, etc. and recording experimental data.

the TC might show up in your project display, but as a prop, not as a demo.

Just making a Tesla coil is engineering, not science and while
technically challenging, the chaotic nature of sparks from a TC does not
lend itself to good scientific method and experimental accuracy.

Yes..that is actually the biggest problem with TC as science project.

Of course, this may be different with a Tesla coil savvy parent or

Or help from this list

but neither alone will make both home and school safe places.

Indeed, but people start somewhere..

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