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[TCML] GE Cap Pyranal

Hey Nathan,

As is the cap isnt good for TC use, but if you had several of them you
could take them all apart and find inside "packets" of foil/plastic sub
assemblies with tabs that can be reconfigured into a cap that can handle
the voltage and have the proper uF rating... BUT the oil inside is toxic to
a degree and stinks beyond belief,, it is also a skin irritant and the
smell does not wash away easily. You will also need to make/buy a container
to hold the packets. When I built mine from the same type of cap you have,
no one mentioned PCBs ( but then again I didnt ask either) but I do have
non malignant skin cancer on my arms though  dont know if the cancer is
directly related to the oil contact from back then but who knows...   go
the easy route  make an MMC type of cap it will work better

Scot D
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