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[TCML] 115 year Tesla Coil reunion...


Today I did some high resolution photos of things at the same place at the
same time (which isn?t often!).
The items have explanations on my Facebook page, but for reference?
1898 Kinraide Coil made to run on Alternating Currents (I restored it to
working order for the Kinraide family)
Swett & Lewis Tube Stand (a distant Kinraide relative bought this for me few
years ago?and gave me a photograph of Kinraide and family
at a free mason gathering ? it?s on the table)
Swett & Lewis High Frequency X-Ray Tube (sold for this exact machine, tube
on loan from Daniel Cuscela, a local friend, collector, and radiation
Original booklets I was lucky to find on Ebay (some are the last of their
kind [thanks to ACR scrapping their entire historical archive, one of the
most priceless X-Ray collections in the world])
[I have no tolerance for that sort of thing.  Original chairs that belonged
to Röntgen, thousands of glass plate negatives, scrap books of X-Ray
pioneers, don?t get me started.  Priceless now gone forever.]
An original glass plate 11x14 showing spark experiments of Kinraide with his
An early prototype coil from 1896/97 that led up to the commercial Kinraide
Coil (found in 2005 in Kinraide?s home)
A small piece of wood Kinraide carved for his theories on 4th dimensional
space.  (Small eccentricity included for fun).

The tube no longer has a vacuum, otherwise you?d see an operational photo.
(There are others on the site with period tubes not sold with the machine).

Some rare Tesla Coil history.  Just to a century or so to reunite?   !


Jeff Behary, c/o

The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum



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