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Re: [TCML] dc tesla coil

Oh Pfpfblblblfttttt!!! ;^) There were hundreds or thousands of experimenters and tinkerers under the age of 18 for every one of the "pros" mentioned. Therefore my use of MOSTLY stands. IMHO, explaining the difference in notation on electrical equipment and the why behind it IS on topic. 

Matt D
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> In the early days of radio, amateur and professional, mf or (mfd)
> meant the same thing as uf does today, microfarad. Mmfd meant the same
> as pf does now. This is because the early experimenters and operators
> were mostly not college educated people and did not use the Greek
> alphabet. 
    1) One also encounters variant uses of 'M' where we would use
       'K' in an Kohms.  I've seen this in radio, not Tesla Coil

    (2) I would differ in the whyness/whenness of the usage of mega/nano,
       etc: the leading experimenters WERE College educated:
       Tesla, Lodge, Marconi, Fessenden.  It took a while for
       'standards'/'norms' to be adopted.  TCML is not, i think,
       the place for extended lexicogriphal ramblings.  8)>>)

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