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Re: [TCML] dc tesla coil

I got a good start today on the rsg for my dc coil and have coming 24 of
the 942c20p15k  .15uf/2kv  caps and 4 8ufd/4000 volt capacitors for my
power supply.   Will the tank capacitor be able to fully charge with my
rsg?  I have it set up to charge twice and fire twice per rotation.  My
2ufd power cap should be able to keep the output voltage steady when using
a high voltage plate transformer or my smaller pole pig.  I will start out
at about 7 or 8kv to see how well the rsg works.  Any suggestions will be
welcome.  Charles

On Tue, Nov 27, 2012 at 8:16 AM, dave pierson <dave_p@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> [I may be drifting ot: mods may delete this, if posted,
> leave this note here...]
> dwp
> ----- Original Message -----
> > In the early days of radio, amateur and professional, mf or (mfd)
> > meant the same thing as uf does today, microfarad. Mmfd meant the same
> > as pf does now. This is because the early experimenters and operators
> > were mostly not college educated people and did not use the Greek
> > alphabet.
>     1) One also encounters variant uses of 'M' where we would use
>        'K' in an Kohms.  I've seen this in radio, not Tesla Coil
>        schematics.
>     (2) I would differ in the whyness/whenness of the usage of mega/nano,
>        etc: the leading experimenters WERE College educated:
>        Tesla, Lodge, Marconi, Fessenden.  It took a while for
>        'standards'/'norms' to be adopted.  TCML is not, i think,
>        the place for extended lexicogriphal ramblings.  8)>>)
> best
>  dwp
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