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Re: [TCML] TC design manual

Hi Istvan,
     Others will chime in here I am sure, but let me give you a bit of off
the cuff direction.  Don't design your L1 and L2...  Design your power
supply, and tank capacitor, and spark gap and then extract proper L1 and L2
values from that.  Pretty much the last thing you want to make are the
coils themselves.  Since this is your FIRST coil, I would start scrounging
a power supply transformer, something like an old metal neon sign
transformer, or oil burner ignition transformer (make sure it is the right
kind and that it is working properly.)  Then choose a desired break rate
(desired spark characteristic) and design your tank cap and spark gap to
deliver that, while giving good current draw (fully utilize your
transformer, the tank cap should be about 70% charged when the spark gap
fires, and the break rate can be set by gap distance in a static gap, or by
motor speed in a rotary gap, JavaTC is the best way to figure that out.
http://www.classictesla.com/java/javatc.html )  From here, we have a
perfectly functioning power supply, now we can design our secondary by
physical size (which is governed only by total system power draw, assuming
you keep the standard 4.5/1 Height to diameter ratio at 1200 turns) I do
this by knowing my total spark length, divide by 2.5, and that is my
secondary height.  Then our L is calculated (again Java TC is easiest) and
then our top load is designed (pF = SQRT [input power in watts] * 0.75ish
(units don't line, up, it has just been found to work))  Now that we have
Sec L and Top C (Java TC will do both for you) we have Fres (resonate
frequency) and we can calculate the needed L for the primary given our
already build tank capacitor.  Then we put it together, and it works
perfectly (well, there are always bugs to work out, but you won't be
wondering if something is ill-sized.)  Best of luck to you, I'd recommend
doing an internet search and just reading a while, lots of good info out
there, others will comment I am sure.

Scott D Bogard.

On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 11:26 AM, Holbok István <holbok@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Tesla Friends,
> I have just started my first TC building.
> I would like to ask you where can I find in the Internet good,
> understandable manual how to design (count, calculate etc.) a TC L1 - L2
> windings, capacitors and proper driver for L1 coil.
> If you can advice me a link, it would be very helpful me for the start.
> Kindest regards,
> Istvan
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