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Re: [TCML] picture tube capacitor?

I thought to coat the outside with foil or conducting paint for the second 
terminal...I guess the tube wouldn't need it's vacuum...o/w could be rather 
dangerous if for some reason it imploded.

> Subj: Re: [TCML] picture tube capacitor? 
>  Date: 4/28/2013 4:19:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time
>  From: jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>  Reply-to: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx
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> On 4/28/13 12:47 PM, HomerLea@xxxxxxx wrote:
> >I have a 31 inch 168 piund Sony TV , the older picture tube type..it 
> works
> >ok but I don't use it so I wondered if anyone knows a way to use the 
> giant
> >picture tube for a high voltage capacitor...I know you can still get 
> quite a
> >jolt from them after the TV is off.
> >
> I assume you could use the secondary anode connector for one terminal. 
> I don't know what the "ground" terminal would be though.
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