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Re: [TCML] DC powered coil


The output of your coil is still HV RF AC regardless of the primary power supply type. You still get a damped exponentially decaying envelope of RF output from the secondary as the energy in the primary circuit is transferred to the secondary.

The difference is how you are feeding power into the TC primary circuit. On the time scale of TC operation, there is really very little difference between feeding the primary circuit with a 60 Hz waveform from a NST and the output from your DC charging system.

The system can sound and look different for many reasons. On a NST system, the output pulses are modulated by the 60 Hz primary power input waveform. Some "bangs" may have more energy than others, depending on when in the 60 Hz waveform the gap aligns and breaks down. On a DC system, theoretically every spark gap cycle would see the same amount of power. The DC system may be "stiffer" than the NST system, supplying more energy to the tank circuit. Because every band has the same energy, spark development will be different.



On 12/7/2013 11:41 AM, Mike Tucknott wrote:
Hi all
Been a long time since I'v asked for any help but I'v a question that I need an answer to.
When I run a classic style coil AC transformer, spark gap, MMC cap, the spark output
Is high frequency AC, so what output am I getting when I run my coil on a high voltage
DC power supply.
I'm running our 15KVA through a full bridge rec, through a giant stack of DC smoothing
Caps, charging choke and then a de-Qing diode.
This lot feeds back in to the old coil primary tank, RSG and MMC.
The sparks look and sound different.

Thanks guys
Mike tucknott

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