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Re: [TCML] Announcing: New tcml web site

On 12/10/13 7:06 PM, AusTesla wrote:
That nod is really deserved for all the wonderful people that post to this
list for the same reasons.  I love the intelligent discussion but don't
usually feel smart enough to join in, hence my mostly lurker status.  Hope
to have some pictures and videos soon of some new coils I am building though
that I can share.

From the moderators, just as an idea to list members who might be
interested, how much trolling and the like to you guys have to filter for
us?  We members never get to see the rubbish that so many other lists

very little... The auto reject does about 5-10 messages a day (obvious spam or gibberish)

I'd say we reject perhaps a message a month (Chip can probably get some sort of statistic out of mailman). Usually, it's someone who forgot some piece of info in a "for sale" listing.

I tend to reject or just drop messages that are responses to "test, is the list alive".. my rejection tells you that the list got the message posting, and there's no need to clutter the archives with it.

We get a message a month or so from someone posting from a different email source than they usually do. If you're posting from multiple clients with multiple return addresses, you can just subscribe under the multiple addresses, and turn off delivery to all but one.

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