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Re: [TCML] just a thought (Calculation)

A decent approximation is:

C=8.85x10^-12 x DC x A x (N-1) /d

C=capacitance in uF, 
DC=Dielectric constant, air=1
A=area of one plate, (sq.in.)
N=number of plates, 
d=dielectric thickness (in.)

Matt D

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Mark, I like the idea of a CD stack capacitor. I have lots of old CDs here
Maybe you could sand the paint (and maybe the aluminum reflective layer)
off the backside and place a thin tin foil with the same dimensions as the
reflective layer? You'd leave a strap on one side to connect all layers of
the same polarity together and alternate the side the strap exits. Then
just build it layer by layer on the cd holder tube and connect each side

Anyone knows how to calculate the capacitance for this?

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