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Re: [TCML] just a thought

While we are on the budget RSG thread, I would have to recommend a used
circular saw blade for a rotor. Pre-balanced, comes in a variety of tooth
numbers and diameters, made to take serious abuse. Just make an insulating
bushing for the center (which are almost all the same; 5/8" diameter). You
could likely even find a combination of stuff to make said insulating
bushing if you can't figure out how to do it with tools on hand. For
example even McMaster-Carr would do it for under $20 shipped in the US:




Used blades are often free. Or you can shell out another $6 and change for
a cheap carbide toothed one again on McMaster:


Or last but certainly not least would be to simply JB Weld a circular saw
blade to the hub of a re-purposed fan with a plastic hub. One could even
leave the fan blades attached for cooling and use the plastic fan grille
for locating the stationary electrodes :-o

Good luck and happy tinkering.

- Jason

On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 12:32 PM, Binny <binny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If I had to build a rotary gap on a budget and couldn't afford G-10 Id
> look around for some old Melmac dinner plates,epoxy them together with a
> layer of fiberglass in between and bolt that together with some brass
> threaded rod or cut bolts for the electrodes and turn them down right in
> your rsg on the mandrel it is mounted on. You could fashion a nice cutting
> tool out of an old file and use a wooden block as your tool rest. Those old
> plastic/plates took a lot of heat , were indestructible, and had similar
> heat tolerance as Bakelite. In fact I even managed to burn one once and it
> smelled a lot like Bakelite. Now I am not sure about it's RF performance
> characteristics but since Bakelite was used in a lot of old time
> transmitters think it might be acceptable. Just throwing some ideas out
> there at ya, Good luck with your budget coil.  At any rate I would not use
> CD's that would be a disaster waiting to happen.
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