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Re: [TCML] Varnish for SSTC secondary

Hi Atomic,

I guess your varnish would be perfect for the job or at least better than
the one I used. (PU-alkyd boat varnish).

When you're going to apply it, don't try to put on 1 very thick layer, but
many thin layers.
One very thick layer will trap air bubbles and simply wont harden all the
way through. This type of paint doesn't actually dry, but oxidizes. So air
or oxygen supply is getting cut off as soon as a skin starts forming.

.. I've made this mistake once when I wanted to paint my garage door in a
half hour or so. It has been done 3 years ago and I still can press my nail

As long as there's no dust/dirt trapped in a layer and time between 2 coats
is under 16 hours, you don't need to sand every layer. If you're going to
use a brush, get a professional one, they don't tend to loose much hairs

Multiple thin layers is always better than a single thick layer, every
painter will agree on that when it comes to single component paints

It's a time consuming process, but well worth doing it right.

Good luck!


2013/2/1 Atomic <atomicrox@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi,
> When I bought magnet wire for my small SSTC I also bought a can of varnish
> but I'm not sure it's the right one.
> These are the datasheets but unfortunately they are in Portuguese - the
> varnish is the Lacktherm 1303.
> http://ecatalog.weg.net/files/wegnet/WEG-verniz-imp-lacktherm-1303-b-boletim-tecnico-portugues-br.pdf
> This one says it's a polyester based varnish modified to try on air.
> Indicated for motors up to 50hp and small transformers and coils.
> http://ecatalog.weg.net/files/wegnet/WEG-lacktherm-50021432-catalogo-portugues-br.pdf
> This one says it's alkyd diluent 1021. Also says it's for low voltage (up
> to 480V) transformers and reactors.
> The varnish can says it's a modified alkyd rosin, aliphatic and aromatic
> solvents.
> Can I sue this?
> If I can't which one should I get? Note that I don't have a spinning rig
> and will have to apply it manually.
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