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[TCML] Varnish for SSTC secondary


When I bought magnet wire for my small SSTC I also bought a can of varnish
but I'm not sure it's the right one.

These are the datasheets but unfortunately they are in Portuguese - the
varnish is the Lacktherm 1303.

This one says it's a polyester based varnish modified to try on air.
Indicated for motors up to 50hp and small transformers and coils.

This one says it's alkyd diluent 1021. Also says it's for low voltage (up
to 480V) transformers and reactors.

The varnish can says it's a modified alkyd rosin, aliphatic and aromatic

Can I sue this?

If I can't which one should I get? Note that I don't have a spinning rig
and will have to apply it manually.
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