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Re: [TCML] Varnish for SSTC secondary

Joe gave a good estimate of around 4rpm, the speed will depend on your coil form diameter, in my experience you can tell when its going too fast as the epoxy starts to go crazy, probably by flying off and coating your skin with epoxy at your fixed 30rpm speed. =/ 

on my jig, i have a small dc motor connected via a belt to a pulley attached to wooden disks cut to fit into the coil form and secured with a dowel threw the side of the form and into the wood. The pulley is quite large compared to the small pulley on the motor, so i can use a variac to vary motor speed while still getting enough power to actually spin the whole thing. 
It all mounts onto the tubes on my dads mark V (which is a super awesome wood workers dream too, transforms into a lath, table saw, drill press, and some other stuff i think). 
I made a little foot petal too, as i use the same jig for wining the coils =) 

ill find some pics of my set up if i have any and post them at some point. 

John "Jay" Howson IV 

"Why thank you, I will be happy to take those electrons off your hands." 

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Great looking coils indeed. To get gloss like that with varnish, it'll take 
many more than only 2 coats. The Envirotex just became very interesting. 

At what rpm should I be thinking of? I don't have a lathe and my winding 
rig has a fixed speed of 30 rpm. 

2013/2/1 <jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx> 

> Envirotex lite is great, as long as you have a way to keep the coil 
> constantly rotating and the ability to set the speed. 
> ... 
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