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Re: [TCML] understanding DRSSTC

Hi all:
I wrote a document with some simulations of a DRSSTC, designed with the method that I have developed:
The simulations show the compromises between operation at the central frequency, between the
two resonances, and operating at the resonances.
Operation at the resonances results in excessive primary current and inefficient switching, but you can vary
the output power up or down by changing the number of cycles in a burst.
Operation at the central frequency results, for a given output voltage, in the smallest possible input current, the fastest possible output voltage rise, and efficient switching. Operation with feedback from the primary current leads naturally to this mode of operation, at least with the system designed for this. The output power can be varied, but just down, with smaller number of cycles in a burst. More cycles than the designed maximum don't necessarily increase the output power in this mode. The design procedure assumes no load, as done in the design of a classical Tesla coil, but the consideration of a loaded system results in the same conclusions.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz
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