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Re: [TCML] uk source for Neon Transformer

Stuart - I looked around my local area for neon sign shops and emailed them
asking about old non-GFI neon transformers. Didn't get anywhere with that,
so I just bought a new one from signbuyer.co.uk. I emailed them asking
about GFI, and a nice chap replied and said they're shipped with GFI
built-in but it's actually just a module that is easily removed. He emailed
me good instructions for how to remove it, and it was dead simple.

I'm happy to send the instructions if you like.


On 5 June 2013 22:04, Stuart Marsden <stuart@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi
> warning **** newbie user  ****
> can anyone recommend a uk supplier for a  Neon Transformer
> I think I have blown mine by running off a generator which was over voltage
> Thanks in advance
> Stuart
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