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[TCML] PT TC Design

Finally got around to the initial planning stage of using my potential transformer to power a new TC. Here are my basic component values based on what I have on hand:

Power Supply - 14,400/120 GE potential transformer. Plan on starting with a 30 amp breaker.
Capacitor - .062uF, 5 strings of 12@ .150uF  2000vdc
Primary - 14 turns of 1/4" cooper tube
Secondary - 8.5" dia.x 36" PVC, 1200 turns 22 ga. for a winding length of 32"
Gap - ASRG, 12 electrodes on disc running at 1725 RPM powered by a 1/2 HP DC motor w/AC controller
Toroid - 24" x 6"

Of course, I would like to obtain the longest spark length possible. This is my initial starting point. Any input will be welcome and greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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