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Re: [TCML] Primary/Sec. Frequency

Hi Phil/Tim,

Hey, when using Javatc.. Allow the page to load.. you will know when it's loaded when you see "0"s in the field entry boxes. The users internet speed, browser, and pc affect how long this will take. For me, I have pretty fast internet, so it's up and running in snap. But, I do remember the days when my pc was really lame as well as my internet (even browsers sucked back then). Took a while. Anyway, wait for those entry fields to be filled in before even editing data. It's just a simple javascript thing, so I only have so much control over all the scripts loading and stuff.

Take care,

On 6/20/2013 10:36 AM, Tim Flood wrote:

I must have gotten in a hurry. However, I did have to run the program several times to get the Topload info to appear.

Attached is my most recent attempt, with everything filled in.

Thanks for your help,

Tim Flood

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You have left out the toroid data, so the frequency calculated is without a
toroid fitted. So you need to add your toroid data firstly.

You have then left out your primary cap size, so the program gives you a
frequency of zero. So add the cap size in as well.

Go here http://www.classictesla.com/java/javatc/javatc.html  and use the
latest online version.
On the top line, far right, click "Load sample Coil". This will fill in all the boxes with the input data coming from measurements of an old coil that
Bart built once.

Then go through and change the parts that apply to you. The second section
down for 'Ground Plane' etc, you can leave the existing for now.
Then post the result back here again

Phil Tuck


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