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[TCML] Seek Los Angeles Tesla Coil... (fwd)

I just got this in my mail.  I did warn him about liability issues and how
they tend to scare off public display of coils.  Perhaps someone has
something they could sell to him or are willing to take the risk. 


Hi Chip,
My name is Paul Gachot and my partner Sarah Bay Williams and I have an
ongoing monthly event in Los Angeles called Stupid
Pills (find it here:www dot stupidpills dot org). Normally we invite
artists to do a performance or explain a work in
progress, this time, due to an unfortunate family matter, we're going to
create an experience instead. We can get
anywhere between 20 and 80 showing up. This one is going to be held next
Friday, June 28th.

For this week's edition we're creating an homage to a thunder and
lightning storm indoors. The venue is the Hyperion
Tavern in Silverlake, it's a small really interesting venue with a small
stage and great atmosphere (see below). We have
been trying to find someone locally who would be able to bring in a
smallTesla Coil and help us create the "lightning"
portion of the evening. No luck finding anyone so far, would you have any
ideas? This is a non-paying gig, we do this at
our own expense just for the sake of doing something interesting that's
free for anyone who's interested... We like to
work with people who want to join in the spirit of creating something fun
and original. 

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm here today working on this.
Feel free to call or email... my cell:

Thnaks Chip. All best,


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