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Re: [TCML] Seek Los Angeles Tesla Coil... (fwd)

Especially if this is a 'non-paying' gig... If the promoters want to foot
the bill for a specific insurance rider, then maybe. However, entities who
carry their own insurance (ie; KVa Effects for example) likely won't 'do
it for free'.

Even when Danielle and I did performances, either the sponsoring entity
carried the liability, or we did non-public gigs. Period.

All I can say is good luck on this one.

- b

> I just got this in my mail.  I did warn him about liability issues and how
> they tend to scare off public display of coils.  Perhaps someone has
> something they could sell to him or are willing to take the risk.
> Chip
> =================
> Hi Chip,
> My name is Paul Gachot and my partner Sarah Bay Williams and I have an
> ongoing monthly event in Los Angeles called Stupid
> Pills (find it here:www dot stupidpills dot org). Normally we invite
> artists to do a performance or explain a work in
> progress, this time, due to an unfortunate family matter, we're going to
> create an experience instead. We can get
> anywhere between 20 and 80 showing up. This one is going to be held next
> Friday, June 28th.
> For this week's edition we're creating an homage to a thunder and
> lightning storm indoors. The venue is the Hyperion
> Tavern in Silverlake, it's a small really interesting venue with a small
> stage and great atmosphere (see below). We have
> been trying to find someone locally who would be able to bring in a
> smallTesla Coil and help us create the "lightning"
> portion of the evening. No luck finding anyone so far, would you have any
> ideas? This is a non-paying gig, we do this at
> our own expense just for the sake of doing something interesting that's
> free for anyone who's interested... We like to
> work with people who want to join in the spirit of creating something fun
> and original.
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm here today working on this.
> Feel free to call or email... my cell:
> (323)600-3638
> Thnaks Chip. All best,
> Paul
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