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[TCML] Making Coil Safe For Makers Fair


Thanks to all for the advice on the Faraday Cage. I feel a little better about putting my coil in the Mini Makers Fair inside of the local mall.

My plans for making it a safe day for all is to:

1) Put the coil in a Faraday cage made from chicken wire (sides and top).
2) Making a safety gap to protect the 2 - 9,000-volt 30mA NSTs.
3) Installing a line filter.
4) Checking the insurance policy of the Fair organizers.
5) Posting signage warning of the hazards of EMI to sensitive electronics.
6) Keeping all people at least 20' away from the coil during operation.
7). Exhausting the ozone out of the area with 2 - 18" diameter fans.

Once again thanks to all. Tesla coils are fascinating and I am having alot of fun tinkering with them. Recently I have enjoyed learning about LC circuits and resonance.


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