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Re: [TCML] For Sale

Why couldn't you be in Australia. :(

On 30/06/2013 5:58 AM, mh wrote:
   I have several Tesla Coil suitable transformers, capacitors and wire that
I would like to find a good home for. I am moving and can not bring this
stuff with me.

So here is what I have, prices are suggestions and any reasonable offer
will be considered. I can take pictures if requested.

Potential Transformers
14400 and 4200 - 120 volt. I have two inductors that I have successfully
used to current limit these transformers. $100 for both

Neon Sign Transformers - $20 each
Two - 15kv @ 30ma
One - 5kv

Bombarding Transformer - This transformer is ~5kv at ~500 ma current
limited. It has 4 taps on it. I do not have exact specs. The unit is
approximatly 2X the size of a NST, and 3X as heavy. - $50

Coil Forms - HDPE pipes - All are 4 feet tall with diameters up to 18
Inches - $10 for all of them

Wire: - $50 a spool
One spool of 26 awg magnet wire - 7 lbs
One spool of 8/36 litz wire - 6 lbs

Capacitors: - $50 each.
2 - 0.1 uF 20 kV tesla style capacitors removed from a large N2 Laser, in
working condition.

I would prefer pick up or am willing to drive within 75 miles of Madison,
WI for the transformers and coil forms. I can ship the caps or wire.

Thank You,

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