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Re: [TCML] In need of a HV transformer but not a neon

Hi Chris,

Where are you located?

I have several NOS 14.4 kV ABB V1Z-11 line-to-ground style 120:1 Voltage/Potential Transformers (PT's). These are available for pickup only from the Chicago, IL area. These were designed for service within metal-clad switchgear, so they are physically smaller and lighter since they lack the "ears" seen on outdoor PT's.

Specs can be seen here:

Here's what one looks like with the fuse holder attached (easily removable):

These weigh about 80 pounds apiece, and I'm asking $275 each. Send me a private message if interested.

Bert Hickman
Stoneridge Engineering
World's source for "Captured Lightning" Lichtenberg Figure sculptures,
magnetically "shrunken" coins, and scarce/out of print technical books

Chris Jones wrote:
I'm tempted to dabble in the tesla coil fun again. I was a few year member
of this mailing list probably about 15 years or so ago. Back in the day I
built 4 different coils. All were static gap using neon's except for the
last and final one which was a 7.2KV epoxy encapsulated potential
transformer. Anyway, I eventually moved on and parted with all of my
transformers, wire, coil forms. So that brings me to now. I know this day
and age everything to have more rules and laws than back then. So I thought
I'd turn to this list as a possiblity of locating some parts. First off is
the transformer. I'm looking for something in the 14.4KV range with atleast
1.5KVA. Will consider lower voltage such as 12.6KV. The smaller the
transformer size the better because I know they are very heavy and
freight/shipping is going to be a challenge. Anyone has any leads let me
know, Thanks.
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