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Re: [TCML] Class Demonstration

On 5/7/13 12:06 PM, Nick LaPiana wrote:
I'm building my first ever Tesla Coil, and of course it became my senior
inquiry project for high school. My question is, I have no idea where would
be a good place to present this coil. The class room that I would have
readily available has easy window access for a ground spike, but there are
a lot of expensive electronics that I fear would get damaged via a stray
arc, No room without these electronics has the availability to ground it
out doors, I was hesitant to use it inside anyway, but outside would be
troublesome as well because I couldn't do any demonstrations of the
Wireless Power Transfer that the coil actually can do. Basically my power
supply is a 10kv 30ma NST, Or i have access to a 10kv 23ma OBIT. Basically
which would be my best set up, and how worried should i be to let this
thing rip in doors?

You have a raft of questions if you're going to operate it inside..

The easiest way is to operate it at home and video it, and show the videos.

A faraday cage of chicken wire would pretty much isolate it from sensitive stuff (at least from a "direct strike" standpoint, not necessarily from radiated fields) and has the advantage of preventing someone from touching something potentially lethal.

But a cage would be big.

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