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Re: [TCML] Class Demonstration

Don't do a class demonstration.

There are many public liability question that you need to consider and running a Tesla coil at school is fraught with many problems. Consider this scenario. You leave the class room for a few moments on a bathroom break. Someone else starts playing with it and a junior school kid touches the potential lethal parts with both hands. Does the teacher know that it is that dangerous and is prepared to notify the school's liability insurers to make sure it is covered.

There is a significant risk to school computers, PA and lighting.
I could go on.

A Tesla coil is great fun but a classroom is too dangerous (including for me with many years of experience).
Do it at home with parental assistance/supervision and have a great time.

If you are running it indoors at home then a small wire Faraday cage is your RF earth and grounded to mains earth. A 3 foot diameter roll of fencing wire would be suitable. eg http://youtu.be/b2ENAwH66PU


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On 5/7/13 12:06 PM, Nick LaPiana wrote:
I'm building my first ever Tesla Coil, and of course it became my senior
inquiry project for high school. My question is, I have no idea where would
be a good place to present this coil. The class room that I would have
readily available has easy window access for a ground spike, but there are
a lot of expensive electronics that I fear would get damaged via a stray
arc, No room without these electronics has the availability to ground it
out doors, I was hesitant to use it inside anyway, but outside would be
troublesome as well because I couldn't do any demonstrations of the
Wireless Power Transfer that the coil actually can do. Basically my power
supply is a 10kv 30ma NST, Or i have access to a 10kv 23ma OBIT. Basically
which would be my best set up, and how worried should i be to let this
thing rip in doors?

You have a raft of questions if you're going to operate it inside..

The easiest way is to operate it at home and video it, and show the videos.

A faraday cage of chicken wire would pretty much isolate it from
sensitive stuff (at least from a "direct strike" standpoint, not
necessarily from radiated fields) and has the advantage of preventing
someone from touching something potentially lethal.

But a cage would be big.

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