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Re: [TCML] Variac


Goes without saying be careful, be extremely careful with that beast; it
can kill without provocation.  I have seen two 8.4kV PT phased and wired
240V primary and 16.8kV secondary burn up a pair of #12 feeding the primary
side, in about 5 seconds!  MUST be ballasted either with inductive or
combination RL ballasting on primary side.  A novel
twist would be capacitive ballasting on the HV side, much tougher to get
parts but theoretically would work (similar to C ballasting of a MOT).


On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 3:27 PM, Tim Flood <tflood@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks David,
> I did consider a hamfest, but the first one isn't until the middle of
> July. Would really like to try out my new PT and start making a rotary gap
> before then, if the budget permits.
> Tim
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>  Hi Tim,
>> I would suggest looking in the next available hamfest that comes to a
>> town near you. I've found that you can get much better deals at hamfests
>> than through eBay. Plus, you don't have to worry about shipping charges. I
>> have a 120/ 0-140 volt, 22 amp rated 136B Powerstat that I picked up at a
>> local hamfest just a few years ago for a song. I wanna say that the vendor
>> was only asking $30 for it, IIRC. I didn't even try to haggle with him over
>> the price, just promptly pulled out my wallet and handed him the money and
>> headed straight to my vehicle with it. That was too good of deal to pass up
>> ;^)   http://www.arrl.org/hamfests-**and-conventions-calendar<http://www.arrl.org/hamfests-and-conventions-calendar>
>> David
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