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Re: [TCML] Variac


Thanks for the warning and advice.

I have already purchased a 500 ft. roll of 12 ga. THHN stranded wire for ballast. I'm sure I'll have many questions as this project progresses.

Any other advice welcome.


From: "David Sharpe" <sparktron01@xxxxxxxxx>
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Goes without saying be careful, be extremely careful with that beast; it
can kill without provocation.  I have seen two 8.4kV PT phased and wired
240V primary and 16.8kV secondary burn up a pair of #12 feeding the primary
side, in about 5 seconds!  MUST be ballasted either with inductive or
combination RL ballasting on primary side.  A novel
twist would be capacitive ballasting on the HV side, much tougher to get
parts but theoretically would work (similar to C ballasting of a MOT).


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