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RE: [TCML] Dr. R (DC) Memorial Teslathon

Hi Dan,

I'm not planning a charity event I just would like to get the gang together and keep the annual event alive. I don't think DC's mother needs any help but appreciate the thought.

DC was a kind man and I always enjoyed seeing him.

Hope you can make it,

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Date: Thursday, May 9, 2013, 8:01 AM

If my schedule allows, I'd love to make the trip.

But if not, is this a charity event?  If anyone is taking a collection up for his family, etc..., I'd be happy 
to contribute.


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Hey gang, Mike H. and I are thinking of putting together a Teslathon in the Chain O' Lakes area  in Waupaca, WI and would like to know if there is any interest among the group. Mike and I have the K.R.E.W. and a couple of coils but it would be great if Steve,Jeff,Terry, Bert, Scott, Roger, Phil, Dave & Cameron, and all others that have contributed to Lightning on the Lawn in past years could be there. I'm just starting the planing stages and I'm looking for any input as far as a date, theme, and power requirements  that would work out good for anybody coming. There is 208 3 phase with 110 and 230 on site. Please respond to my email address unless Chip steps in and says it's okay to reply on list for everyone to see.


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