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Re: [TCML] Still Interference from Tank Circuit

Would it make a difference if a faster quenching gap was used, rotary
instead of static?

2013/5/9 Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> On 5/9/13 6:03 AM, dave pierson wrote:
>> I'm not sure how the house is wired, if that's what you're asking. The
>>> coil and the computer are plugged into neighboring outlets,
>>> maybe six feet apart. I can definitively say they're on the same circuit,
>>> possibly in parallel, but I can't say for sure.
>>      Assuming this involves a 'primary' including a coil and gap
>>      (or solid state driver):
>>        Yes.
>>      Once the circuitry starts to oscillate: the primary, all
>>      leads, etc, RADIATE.  There is nothing particular to
>>      a secondary, with or without discharge that causes
>>      'radiation' to only happen once a secondary is in place.
>>      The secondary may improve 'efficiency' of radiation.
>>  Actually, there is a potential powerful EMI source that exists only when
> a secondary is in place and sparking.  That's the magnetic field formed by
> the current flowing in the loop from secondary topload through spark to
> ground and back to secondary. Very fast rise/fall time (di/dt), large area
> of the loop, and pretty high peak currents makes for a potent transient
> source.
> And a cage or strike rod doesn't really help with reducing this source,
> since the issue is the magnetic field, not the electric field.  The rapidly
> changing magnetic field induces a voltage in any other loop nearby.
> One could probably reduce the effects on a particular piece of victim
> equipment by a)making sure the victim doesn't have an inadvertent loop that
> is large and b) orienting the sparks by moving the strike electrode and/or
> breakout point so that the loop that radiates is oriented properly.
>       Unless contained (eg carefully debugged Faraday Cage) the
>>      RF field clutters up everything nearby.
> A typical faraday cage won't do anything for the magnetic fields radiated
> by the primary.  Cages are all about E field and electrostatics. The only
> easy way to reduce H field is by layout.
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