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Re: [TCML] (no subject)

On 5/15/13 6:00 PM, Matthew Hebb wrote:
Hello My name is Matt i'm new to this list so if i'm sending this to
the wrong place bear with me.. I'm starting a project well more like
working on a project to build a solid state tesla coil i already have
built a well working spark gap version and have built the
primary,secondary and torrid for this one but now comes the hard part
whare to get the parts and how to set it up. Im planning to get a kit
from a site called eastern voltage research but they need a bunch of
stuff calculated that i have no clue how to and im also not sure if a
kits really a good idea for a tesla coil the size mine is 6 inch pipe
55 inch tall soon going to be 51 since i need to take of some turns
to make it work with there kits. So my question is whats your advice?
what route should i go? ps. sorry about my spelling and grammer im
not usually formal in internet stuff

Odd, your email comes across as one long continuous line with no line breaks. Maybe your mail sender is stripping CRs?


Dan at EVR is one of the places to get a bunch of the pieces to build a SSTC, but as you have noticed, it's not exactly a "turnkey" kit. SSTCs are more complex than the simple SG coil, and over the years, a lot of people have scrounged the IGBT bricks, all of which have different characteristics, and as a result need different drive waveforms. So there's a fair amount of "roll-your-own" in the SSTC world.

What calculations do you need to do?

Have you spent the $30 or whatever to get Dan's book on building SSTCs from lulu? It contains a lot of useful information that pertains to SSTC building.


While I'm sure most of the information in that book could be gleaned in a few weeks or months of googling/binging and reading through various material on the web, and grinding through some design exercises in SPICE, etc., it might be easier to just buy the book (after all, that's why people write books, so folks that follow don't have to make the same mistakes, hunt down the same info, etc.)

This may come off as a bit "get offa my lawn you young whippersnappers", but when I started building coils, there was a fair amount of info on the web/usenet (lots and lots about rolling poly caps.) and some clearly outdated stuff in the library (PopSci articles and the like), and I found some books on "practical TC building", which got me really started. This list was a godsend once you got past building the first NST coil, because there are dozens and dozens of people on the list who have gone down the road before you. You want to know how to get a pole transformer? There are people who have done it before and can give you the ins and outs of the process (so you don't have crazy coworkers like I did, who offered to go saw down a power pole near their house... with LIVE lines)

Sometimes it's worth just buying the book.


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