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The micro brute isn't too difficult to set up, the mini brute would require an oscilloscope. The micro brute would require a few measurements with a voltmeter and some tweaking the primary. 

Phil Tuck <phil@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Matt wrote: >>>" ps. sorry about my spelling and grammer im not usually
>formal in internet stuff"
>Maybe it should be formalised a bit, as reading and comprehension
>become so
>much easier.
>Phil Tuck
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>My name is Matt i'm new to this list so if i'm sending this to the
>place bear with me..
>I'm starting a project well more like working on a project to build a
>state tesla coil i already have built a well working spark gap version
>have built the primary,secondary and torrid for this one but now comes
>hard part whare to get the parts and how to set it up. Im planning to
>get a
>kit from a site called eastern voltage research but they need a bunch
>stuff calculated that i have no clue how to and im also not sure if a
>really a good idea for a tesla coil the size mine is 6 inch pipe 55
>tall soon going to be 51 since i need to take of some turns to make it
>with there kits. So my question is whats your advice? what route should
>ps. sorry about my spelling and grammer im not usually formal in
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