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Re: [TCML] Mot power supply question

Hi Andrew
I have done what you are considering doing in a MOT 6 Pack system and although run time is limited it does provide for a 10kVA plus cheap coil.

I floated the cores of the outer 4 MOT's (centre grounded). All outer MOT's are under dry high quality transformer oil. There is a little inductive primary side ballasting and Power Factor Correction too. Like you very careful selection of the outer MOT's was used. Including the 6 MOT's in the supply power , the DC filter and ring up inductor it uses 14 MOT's in total. Gapping to 0.3mm of MOT's in the PSU filter and ring up inductors is very important

I've moved to DC resonant charging using a PI section DC filter in the PSU (i.e. a 10Hy filter inductor with a capacitor each side). This seems to keep the MOT's protected. This gadget will do well over 3 meter arcs and scares the daylights out of me and the cats.

Rgds Ted in NZ

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Hello List,

I have a quick question on Mot stacks. I have my coil up and running
great with my 4 pack, but my goal, at least until I can find a pig, is
a 6 pack. I started out this way but have had problems burning up my
mots. Not always the last ones on the legs either. So far I have
killed 6 of them and have now acquired 2 more and want to give this a
go again.

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