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Re: [TCML] Mot power supply question

My 4 MOT pack celebrates it's 10th year of trouble free 240V operation.
Unballasted, under oil, Terry Filter, twin MO line filters.
8 foot sparks with 6 inch x 32 inch secondary.
4-5 foot sparks from my 4 inch work coil.
Not sure that 6 or 8 MOT's are going to be as reliable.
As I have said before, it is not the spark length that matters but rather what you do with it.

-----Original Message----- From: Andrew Webster

Hello List,

I have a quick question on Mot stacks. I have my coil up and running
great with my 4 pack, but my goal, at least until I can find a pig, is
a 6 pack. I started out this way but have had problems burning up my
mots. Not always the last ones on the legs either. So far I have
killed 6 of them and have now acquired 2 more and want to give this a
go again.

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