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Hi all

I'm looking for a synchronous motor to use for a rotary spark gap. I've
been reading through the archives to get up to speed on exactly what I
need, and have been looking for it on the web. From what I've read, it
seems most people decide to modify any old AC motor to operate as a
salient-pole synchronous motor. Is this because the salient-pole type just
isn't manufactured anymore and so is very hard to get your hands on?

I'd much prefer to purchase a suitable motor that was designed and
manufactured as a salient-pole type. Trouble is I can't find anything. I'm
in the UK which probably makes this even harder. Does anyone know of a
company/website where I can buy one? Or any general advice/tips would be

Also, I haven't seen permanent magnet synchronous motors mentioned much in
the list archives. It seems to me that a motor of this type would do the
same job as a salient-pole type, as the permanent magnet poles would 'lock'
to the stator field in the same way that the salient poles would. If so
these may be easier to find. So does anyone have any advice for someone in
the UK looking to purchase a motor of this kind?

As I said, I'd much prefer to buy one than modify one myself... so any help
would be appreciated.

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