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[TCML] Friendly note from the moderator..

Guys and gals,

Let's focus on building and operating tesla coils, not on beating up on Matt's excessively stream of consciousness communication style. I'm sure he's got the picture by now.<grin>

Next thing you know, we'll get into a top posting vs bottom posting debate, and we'll wind up with two lists: TCML-top and TCML-bottom.

And, as always (everyone's been good about this recently, but it has to be said).. when quoting a LONG series, please trim appropriately. I've found that some mail readers are very clever and don't show you all the quoted text, but it's there, none-the-less, and those list members still printing their mail out on a teletype need to save paper and ribbons.

Also, remember that just changing the subject line in a thread doesn't "break the thread" and start a new one, since some mail readers use the metadata in the headers. If you want to start a new thread..start from scratch.
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