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Re: [TCML] DIY dent-proof Toroids

Gapped toroids were on of the first questions I asked of the group about 10 years ago. No-one has shown any benefit. Presumably the e field is shaped by the eddy currents to expel it without too much losses.
Another matter at the bottom end though.
It is important to get the toroid height above the secondary right though. D C Cox had guidelines for each TC size but I dont have those.
Copy other well performing coils is simplest.
A smaller toroid below or even a corona ring seems to shape the sparks upward and a smaller toroid on top will do the opposite downward increasing primary strikes.

-----Original Message----- From: Mark X2
When I was making this toroid I decided to perform an experiment
with an uncovered centre plate and a non-conductive gap in the
The hypothesis was, that this could prevent losses caused by Eddy currents
in the shorted loop a normal toroid would be.

How this gapped toroid behaves can be viewed here:

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